New Fridge Install

We got the new fridge but weren’t able to install it right away because it wouldn’t fit through the doorway into the kitchen from the family room. It was just a titch too wide. 

So we had the delivery guys take it to the basement and we took the doorway casing off the weekend after the delivery and we were able to bring the fridge up and bring it through into the kitchen!

The basement has a big double door at ground level and there is a paved walkway all the way around from the driveway and then a paved walkway to the front door, which is also a big double door, so there were only the two steps at the front door to deal with.

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This is a photo from the album that the original owners left us. It’s the fridge they installed when they built the house in 1987. You can see the trash compactor and the dishwasher as well.

This is a photo I took recently. Same fridge, same trash compactor. Different flooring, different wallpaper. Old Bessie here is still plugging away, but she’s on her last legs. Her compressor makes a lot of noise and she’ll spit out an ice crescent now and then. Right onto the floor. Without being asked for one.

I saw this baby before we’d even seen the houses we had picked out to look at in Tennessee. We knew the houses we wanted to look at but didn’t know if any of them would even turn out to be what we really wanted.

We’d had top freezer models and bottom-freezer models and our last fridge was a dutch door fridge with a bottom-freezer drawer by LG. It worked, but I didn’t like the drawer very much (I didn’t like it with the previous fridge either and that one had one door on top.) We used our upright freezer more than the drawer in the fridge/freezer combo.

Now with this side-by-side. I hate it. I don’t want one ever again. I love the dutch door top. I love the water and ice in the door. That was one of the reasons we changed from the first bottom-freezer fridge we had to the LG dutch door (it had water and ice in the door), the other reason was the old fridge was freezing the lettuce in the vegetable bin and it was freezing things at the back of the fridge above the vegetable bin.

This new fridge doesn’t have the drawer freezer and it does have a flex side so if I need more room for fridge stuff I can use the lower right for it. But I can also use it as a freezer space if I need it. Since I have an upright freezer using only half the freezer space can be just fine.

I’ve done a lot of research looking at the fridges with two drawers and some of the newer side-by-sides, but this style is the one that is going to work for us.

This new fridge is taller and we’ll have to remove the cabinet above the fridge for it to fit. More pictures once it’s in.

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New Showerhead for the Master Bath

The house is 32 years old and the showerhead was a standard gold showerhead. Nothing special. Not good pressure. We’ll need to replace the whole shower/tub unit when we re-do the master bath with a separate walk-in shower and corner jetted tub after taking out the closets and moving around the plumbing, etc. The current jetted tub/shower unit with its scalloped shell shelves and a very shallow tub just isn’t cutting it.

So, I’ll do some pictures of the master bath later when we’re getting closer to the reno and have better plans in place, but this is the showerhead we bought because we had to have something now that wasn’t the old, gold showerhead.

Moen 26008srn Attract 6-Spray Hand Shower and Shower Head Combo Kit with Magnetix in Spot Resist Brushed Nickel